Fertility Surgery and IVF Treatment

Sterility in men is treated with

  • Surgery, if the cause is a varicocele( widening of the modes in the scrotum) or a vas deferens inhibition.
  • Antibiotics to clean up impurity in the genitalia.
  • Drug and comforting to treat construction or interjection problems.
  • Hormone curatives if a hormone imbalance is the cause of the issue.

Sterility in women is treated with

• Fertility medicines and hormones to help in re establishing hormone situations and induce ovulation in the case.
• Surgery to open dammed fallopian tubes or remove towel that's precluding fertility
In vitro fertilisation is a type of supported reproductive technology used to treat gravidity. In IVF, sperm and an egg are fertilised in a liquid media outside of the body.


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